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  • DokeV: A Hidden Gem You’re Overlooking

    So gaming has been at a little bit of a low lately with Cod: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 being very lackluster despite them being AAA titles. I’m going to shed some light on a game that probably has been under your radar. The game is called DokeV. DokeV is a game made by Pearl Abyss. […]

  • The Perfect Sports Anime Game

    Let me pitch you another perfect anime game, but this time in the theme of sports. This game is highly unlikely to every exist, but it’s fun speculating what it would be like if it happened. The Story The story should be a kinda like Marvel and how its going into the Multiverse. This game […]

  • What a Perfect Dr. Stone Game Could Look Like.

    So Dr. Stone is a personal favorite anime of mine and has a very interesting concept that would make a cool game. So lets see my proposal for a perfect Dr. Stone game. The Story The story could be a recreation of the anime so far or it could do an original story. If it […]

  • What a Perfect 86 Game Would Look Like.

    So 86 is becoming a very popular anime, so I decided to make a blueprint of a perfect 86 game. So lets just hop straight into it. The Story The story of this game IMO should be a original story that follows a original group of EIghty Six and either Vladilena or a new original […]

  • 10 Small Anime That Could Have Amazing Games.

    So anime games have been lacking for a while now. And to be honest it’s not looking good for the future, but let’s speculate on some small anime thatcould make really good games if giving enough care. So I will be staying away from anime with 100+ episodes because lots of them have games anyway […]

  • The Perfect Anime Game.

    So what if I told you I thought about the perfect anime game and that it’s possible to make. You might believe me you might not, but my proposal of this anime would satisfy almost any anime fan. The Basic Structure So this perfect anime game would most be structured around Shinobi Striker. If you […]


    So with the new (and poorly timed) release of nickelodeon all star brawl there are some things things that are going to need some fine tuning. So I decided to make a short list of some things that either need to be worked on or fixed or removed altogether. So lets just get strait into […]