What would Komi’s Jojo Stand be?

What if Komi Shouko was place in the world of Jojo’s and got a stand? What would it look like, what would it’s ability be? I will be making a stand that I think could be fitted for Komi. Let me know what you think about it and what is your take on what Komi’s stand would be.


Komi’s stand would be a humanoid stand around her height but maybe a couple inches taller. It would be a more slender stand more akin to Gold Experience . 「Say the Word」would be a more dark purple close to black, but not fully black. It has black line patterns around its shoulders and legs. Its eyes will be similar to Komi’s. In the chest area there would be a symbol that represents connection/link.

Stand Name: 「Say the Word」



Ight, that’s my take on what Komi’s stand would be, but I want to hear what you think her stand would be. Also let me know what other characters I should make stands for and what other series I should do a crossover of!

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