Arms Around You: My JoJo Stand

Here is my fan made stand Arms Around You(Song by XXXtentacion and Lil Pump)


Arms Around You is an autonomous colony stand consisting of 20 stands. Each stand is an Arm that surrounds its user automatically protecting them from attacks. The stands are very durable, so it can take a great deal of punishment before 1 gets destroyed. The stands have low attack range, so usually if the user wants to get in attacking range they will be close to danger. The stand has the secondary ability to be transfer to other people and guard them and their stands against danger. So any stand with parts of Arms Around You will instantly get a big boost in defense. The Stand doesn’t have a range limit, but the user has to be within a certain distance to put Arms Around You on them. After it’s attached it has no limit on its range since it becomes whoever it’s attached to’s stand. Arms Around You can be attached to the stand user or the stand making it capable of defending stand users who have long ranged stands or giving close range power stands more defense to balance it out. Arms Around You can also be attached to non-stand users which allows them to see stands. They can’t control Arms Around You, but can see it and other stands. Whenever an arm from the colony dies it takes a full 24 hours to regenerate. The stands act similar to susano armor from Naruto.

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