DokeV: A Hidden Gem You’re Overlooking

So gaming has been at a little bit of a low lately with Cod: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 being very lackluster despite them being AAA titles. I’m going to shed some light on a game that probably has been under your radar. The game is called DokeV.

DokeV is a game made by Pearl Abyss. It at first glance looks similar to the new Pokemon Arceus. It looks like an open-world creature collecting game, but it seems its going to play very very different than Pokemon.

First off the graphics look amazing.

From IGN’s Trailer.

The visuals are very bright and vibrant and looks very realistic despite the characters looking more anime style. These graphics are very high powered for what seems like a smaller game.

The game is being made by the people who made the MMO Black Dessert.

Black Desert Online has pretty solid reviews with 7/10 on IGN 71% on OpenCritic and 73% on Metacritic. So good reviews from that game and from the looks of it it looks solid.

You can get Black Desert Online Here Using My Link.

DokeV is a creature collecting game similar to Pokémon, but in this game it looks like the Dokebi(name of the creatures) fight along side you.

So from the trailers and gameplay we’ve seen it looks like your avatar will be able to use various weapons and gadgets during your fights.

Some of the weapons/gadgets included are a Hammer, Bomb, Bouncy Ball, Confetti Blaster, Rocket Launcher, Dual Pistols, Bow and Arrow. So a very wide spectrum of weapons and there will probable be more so expect some interesting and crazy types of weapons to enhance your gameplay.

From what we heard getting Dokebi isn’t like Pokemon where you throw a ball to capture it, it seems like you are going to have to meet special conditions in order to befriend them. They also seem to fight alongside you during your battle in some moves. So it seems like its less like the Dokebi are fighting and more like you are fighting and the Dokebi help.

Some of the Dokebi we seen are:

DokeV also features lots of different ways you can move.

Some are Skateboarding, Bicycling, Rollerskating, Jet Boots, Jetski, Small Car, Umbrella, A Llama(could be a ridable Dokebi).

Also from the trailer it seems our characters will be pretty customizable in their clothing.

Some clothing we’ve seen is:

So with all of this being said When is DokeV being released?

We don’t know the exact released date for DokeV, but it’s going to be after 2022. So either 2023 or later.

DokeV seems like it will be coming to Playstation, Xbox, and PC. Nothing about the switch and most likely it won’t seeing how graphics heavy the game is.

So be on the lookout for this game and any updates on it because I have a feeling this will be one of the top games released in its year!

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