The Perfect Sports Anime Game

Let me pitch you another perfect anime game, but this time in the theme of sports.

This game is highly unlikely to every exist, but it’s fun speculating what it would be like if it happened.

The Story

The story should be a kinda like Marvel and how its going into the Multiverse. This game would have some reason as to why all of the universes are colliding. The series included in an ideal rostor would have Haikyuu!(Volleyball), Kuroko’s Basketball(Basketball), Captain Tsubasa(Soccer or Football), Baby Steps(Tennis), Ahiro No Sora(Basketball), Free!(Swiming),Hajime No Ippo(Boxing), Major(Baseball), Sk8 The Infinity(Skateboarding). These series cover a variety of sports and would make for interesting interactions between characters and lots of gameplay for you.

The Versus Mode

So the main mode would be Versus where you can play locally, against AI, or Online. The mode would feature the sports listed above(Volleyball, Basketball, Football/Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, Boxing, Baseball, Skateboarding). The sports would play how you expect them to play. Basketball would be similar to the 2k games except with different abilities from the anime mixed in the gameplay. Skateboarding would be like the Skake games. One thing that would make the game even more perfect is if every character was playable in every sport. That would make the game more interesting since your favorite character could play a sport they never played in the anime.

This game would be a blast to play if it was real, but sadly isn’t really that likely to happen, but if a sports crossover anime game did happen I would want it to be similar to this.

Let me know what you thought about this and what you would change or add about this idea in the comments!

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