The Perfect Anime Game.

So what if I told you I thought about the perfect anime game and that it’s possible to make. You might believe me you might not, but my proposal of this anime would satisfy almost any anime fan.

The Basic Structure

So this perfect anime game would most be structured around Shinobi Striker. If you don’t know Shinobi Striker is an online Naruto game that’s matches are similar to Overwatch in the sense that its a team based PvP game with classes.

In the game you have 2 teams of 4 facing off against each other using either their own created character or a Naruto character. The reason I choose this type of game over a fighting game is because 1.) We have way too many anime fighting games 2.) Fighting games suffer when input delay is really noticable and 3.) Fighting games tend to die out quick.

So in Shinobi Striker the game is centered around a Hub. In the Hub you have Sakura who lets you change your character’s loadout. Sasuke who lets you choose a mentor. Tenten who is the shop. Kakashi who lets you go on PvE missions. and Naruto who lets you go into a match.

So in this hypothetical game it would have a Hub. In the Hub would be some characters from different Anime series. The series in the game would be whatever licensing they could get. In Jump Force there are 16 different anime series in the game in Jstars there are 32 different anime series, so in this game they can have a good amount of representation.

The Hub needs to have a character that allows you to customize your loadout, an item shop, a PvE mode, a PvP mode, and maybe a few extra smaller things like a gallery that could have your replays.

So far everything I have mentioned is possible since all of it has been in different anime games.

The Customization


This is Shinobi Striker’s Character Creator. It is actually really good, but in this perfect anime game I would want it really fleshed out. The ability to pick any color and shade and hue of color.

Face options don’t have to be too fleshed out as noses would only need a few options, Ears same. Eyes would need a good bit. Mouths would need a few, but not too many. Hair on the other hand would need a lot of options since basically every anime character has a very distinct hair style, so hair would be where a lot of the time developing would go. Body type doesn’t have to be that expansive. All we would need would be body types and some sliders.

Now Outfits. This could be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. In shinobi striker there are lots of outfits and then many different colors of those outfits. In this game they can take the characters they have licensing for and make those outfits in the game. Then add some basic outfits. After they have those new outfits can be added in later in future updates.

So the actual look of the character is dealt with and not too hard to implement seeing Shinobi Striker has most stuff covered and Jump force has the other half. So add these 2 together and you have a perfect character creator.

The Maps

Now again taking a look at shinobi striker. It has in my opinion the perfect sized map.

Hidden Cloud
Hidden Rain

Now in Shinobi Striker the maps aren’t symmetrical which isn’t the biggest of deals as it doesn’t affect the match too much, but in this game I would want the Maps to be the same on both sides to make sure both spots feel equal.

The size of the maps are perfect, but I feel that in the hypothetical game the maps could be a little bit smaller just so they are easier to make and are more action packed. Now the problem with Shinobi Striker is that they only have 4 maps. And they never added any more. That is a big problem that in this hypothetical game I do not want to happen. The game should launch with at least 5-10 maps and add more regularly. The maps can be famous places from different anime.

For Example:

Dragon Ball Tournament Of Power:
It would be a very open map with no obstacles or hiding spots so it basically an all out brawl between teams
Naruto Hidden Leaf Village: The size of the map would need to be cut down a little, but it would have lots of rooftops to fight on and an constant elevation change that you would have to get used to.
One Piece Whole Cake Island: This map would be a very vibrant map with lots of buildings to play around.
Attack On Titan Shiganshina: For this map half of it should be destroyed so it doesn’t get too annoying with people fighting on rooftops then running and hiding around all the buildings.
Bleach Soul Society: For this map it should probably be set in a small area here.
My Hero Academia USJ: Either this or Ground Beta but I feel like this would be a very interesting map if it was objective base and you went to each different zone for each objective.

So these could be the base maps with new ones coming out ever so often. Each map they add should be from a different series and should play a little different from the rest.

This isn’t impossible because Xenoverse 2 has around 30 stages.

The Gameplay

The gameplay would be similar to Shinobi Striker. Shinobi Striker has 4 classes Attack, Ranged, Defense, Healer. I feel like these 4 would work in this game.

In Shinobi Striker there are your CaCs and the actual Naruto characters, personally I think it would be better if there were no actual anime characters in the game. If they have the rights to Naruto they should add his attacks, hair, and outfits in the game, but not the character. This allows for less time spent since they don’t have to make actual characters they can just make hair, outfit, and attacks and move on. This means if you want to play as Naruto you would just make a CaC that looks and plays like Naruto. With it like this less resources are going into characters and can be used in maps or balancing.

In shinobi striker your loadout consist of your class type, weapon, ninja tool, 2 regular jutsu, 1 substitution jutsu, 1 ultimate jutsu, clothing that have passives tied to them, and an accessory that has a passive tied to it.

So class type would be the same in this what if game. Attack, Ranged, Defense, and Heal.

Weapons in Shinobi Striker are class specific and have different combos tied to them. In this game I think it should be the same way. One downside to Shinobi striker is that the actual characters have different fighting styles that you can’t get on your CaC. In this hypothetical game they should add some fighting style like gaara’s sand and Luffy’s stretch punches.

Ninja tools in Shinobi Striker are a small little utility item that you can use and is on a shorter cool down than your regular jutsus. In this game they can be called sub attacks or something like that and they could be weaker attacks that your character can use. Example: mini rasengan, mini kamehameha, etc. just small weak attacks on a short cooldown.

Substitution jutsus in Shinobi Striker are mostly different shadow clone jutsus. Like wood clone, water clone, lightning clone, etc. in this game they could just be called escapes and could have different moves from different anime. Like shadow clone, instant transmition, observation haki, etc.

In SS you have 2 jutsus and an ultimate. In this game that would stay the same. 2 attacks rather than 3 will keep the game balanced easier.

Last part is the passive on the clothing. Tying passives to certain clothing should be there, so in the game you would be able to pick 2 passives from a set of passives. In SS there is a top and bottom passive the passive are different for each for example the top passive include increase jutsu damage, health recovery and strengthen status effects. Bottom passives are like reduce cooldowns, increase health, and reduce effects against you. The same would be in this game where top and bottom skills are different.

Quality Of Life

Now I’m my opinion the biggest thing that takes a great game to perfect is lots of quality of life improvements. What are these? Small changes and additions that don’t affect much, but are just really handy.

Some things in this game for quality of life could include: a gallery mode that has in game screenshots and a replay features so you can view your latest matches and learn from them, custom lobbies so you and a group of friends can fight against each other, loadout presets, clean screen(your screen isn’t cluttered up with stuff), good servers, etc. just little things to make the experience feel clean and immersed.

The Conclusion

So this proposal is my opinions of course, but I feel like this idea is something that’s possible first of all. It would be easy to think of a anime game that had a 80 hour fully voice acted story and 1000 characters for online battle with updates weekly, but that’s not realistic. The idea has things that’s been done in other anime games and combines them together to make something that I feel would have the longevity that lots of anime games don’t have. The freedom of character creation. The unique gameplay that Shinobi Strikers brought us. And developer support that sadly most anime games don’t give us.

Let me know what you think of this proposal and give me your take on the perfect anime game in your eyes in the comments!


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